Chapter Twenty-Eight | True Love

Takama gazed at Tsubasa with an incredulous look in his eyes.

<Uh…come again? Eradicate true love?>
<That is correct.>
<So…what: you go around killing off people's true loves? Do you have a permit?>
<I think you misunderstand, Takama-san. True Love is the code name of a rogue assassin I have been charged with terminating.>
<Oh. Well, why was he here?>
<She. But, I digress, I have no idea. I doubt she is behind the explosion. True Love's style is swordplay, not bombs. Too messy.>
<Swords?> Takama said, thinking back to the butchered class he had witnessed earlier.

<Yes, swords. I once partnered with her. She is one of the most skilled assassins I have ever met, which makes her all the more deadly. And combined with her powers and alliances…>
<And,> Shinichi interrupted, an idea coming to him, <could this 'True Love,' by any chance, kill twenty-two children in a matter of seconds without being seen?>
<Of course, what do you think an assassin is worth if she can be seen? But…why do you ask?>
<Come with me, Master Tsubasa,> Takama said, motioning over to Sonoda.

The two men walked back over to Yuki and Masamichi, who were talking about something or other. Takama tapped his boss on the shoulder, causing him to turn around with a somewhat disgruntled look on his face due to the interruption.

<What is it, Lieutenant?>
<Sir, we may have some additional information that might be of some use. I think you may be interested.>
<Alright, then what is it?>

Takama nodded towards Yuki, feeling that this needed to be discussed away from the girl. <Sir…>
<Oh…> he got up and walked across the tent to maintain some level of secrecy. Lowering his voice, he asked, <So, what's going on?>

Takama put his arm on Tsubasa's shoulder, gently forcing him forward. <Master Tsubasa, if you would, could you explain to us a bit about this 'True Love' character? Like, who she is, why you're after her, and why, exactly, you think that she would be capable of the murders of twenty-two people this morning.>

Tsubasa nodded, though he still did not understand why his mission could potentially be a police affair. <It is a complicated story,> he started, <but True Love is a skilled assassin that parted with the ways of my clan and took up another code.>

Sonoda looked intrigued. <What code would this be?>
<The Code of Love. While this is a noble enterprise, once she turned her back on the ways of the assassin, we are charged with eliminating her.>
<The…Code of Love… Wait a minute, isn't that the Magical Girl code? How can an assassin take that oath?>
<Much as I was, True Love was raised as an assassin from birth. When she became older, though, she began to show signs of becoming a Magical Girl, and took allegiance with them. This was a few years ago; we've been after her ever since.>

<But…why would a Magical Girl murder twenty-two students? And, how could she coordinate between three similar murder scenes?>

<I don't know…she may have a following, but explicit murder without a cause is definitely against the Code of Love. There must be a purpose here…>

As Takama was trying to introduce Tsubasa's knowledge into the equation, Sonoda Yuki sat sulking under her blanket, trying to sort out why her dad didn't want her to go home just yet. Adding to her frustration was the fact that her dad was excluding her from anything important. A voice started to sneak into her subconscious, much like the one that had encouraged her to pull the fire alarm earlier.

<It's not fair for them to exclude you…>
<You again…I'm going nuts…that must be it…>
<You aren't insane, Yuki.>
<Then what exactly are you?>
<I am a friend, telling you the truth. You are being used.>

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