Chapter Twenty-Nine | Nighttime awakening

<Used?> Yuki thought, uneasy enough from the idea of talking to herself, or to her "friend," whatever it was.
<Yes. You must have noticed by now, Yuki.>
<Noticed what?>
<You are a very special girl, Yuki. Haven't you noticed that when your friends or loved ones are in jeopardy, you're always able to help them? Haven't you noticed weird events occurring around you that you can't explain?>
<Now that I think of it…>
<You have a lot of potential, Yuki. Potential others may want to stop you from attaining. Potential your father will do anything to suppress. Potential the assassin will do anything to eliminate. Potential I will help you to attain.>
<Why am I thinking these things?>
<These thoughts have been suppressed for far too long.>
<I feel strange…what is going on?>
<A revelation.>
<A revelation? Revelation of what?>
<A revelation…of what you are CAPABLE OF!>

Across the room, Tsubasa looked over at Yuki, feeling a strange premonition. <Who is that?> he said, pointing at the girl.
<My daughter,> Sonoda said.
<Did you happen to feel that premonition as well?>
<What premonition?>
<Just a strange outburst of immense p–>
<Yuki, what are you doing?> Masamichi shouted, interrupting the assassin.

Yuki had shed her blanket and had started walking towards the trio. As she moved forward, a strange blue aura started to glow about her, to the point of completely enveloping the girl.

<W-w-w-what is going on!?> Takama said, backing away.

Tsubasa drew his sword off his back and pointed it at the light. Masamichi stepped in between the two, holding his hand up in Tsubasa's face.
<Put that away,> he said plainly and forcefully.
<Director-sama, with all due respect…>

<I don't need your protection, daddy,> came Yuki's voice from the light, powerful enough that the dirt inside the tent started to stir. A strong wind started up, blowing the fabric of the tent up into the air, leaving only the skeleton that the tent was resting on. <The assassin, however, may do well with it.>

The blue aura died down, leaving only Yuki. The full moon shone upon her form, as though it was focusing on her and only her. Her dark blue uniform had been replaced with a bright white version of itself. The school icon had been removed, and the blue skirt had been replaced with a bright pink skirt that complimented the pink ribbons in her hair. It was almost painful to look at the girl for a few seconds until the glow that surrounded her body had completely died down.

<Director-sama,> Tsubasa said. <Move out of the way.>
<What!? Do you think I'm going to just let you attack her?>
<No. Just MOVE,> he shouted as he forced Sonoda's legs out from under him, sending him to the ground, just seconds before the newborn Magical Girl flew at the assassin, launching several dagger-like ribbons with her. Tsubasa didn't quite manage to avoid the attack, as one of Yuki's hair ribbons cut into the assassin's shoulder. Tsubasa barely felt the pain of the blow, however, and quickly launched into the air after the girl.

<Child!> he yelled as the two bounded from skyscraper to skyscraper in the nighttime city sky. <What are you doing?>
<I am simply defending myself from deception and protecting my allies and loved ones from the likes of you, Master Assassin.>
<Fool, you are being used by a greater power.>
<No, I WAS being used. But no more,> Yuki said, reaching another skyscraper and using it to launch back at Tsubasa. This time, however, Tsubasa was prepared. He swung out his sword and used it to block Yuki's ribbons. Grabbing the girl's arm as she flew past him, he threw her to the ground, flying after her. Landing just short of her, he pointed his sword at the girl's throat.
<Stop this foolishness, Sonoda-san. Your underdeveloped powers are no match for a trained assassin.>

<You are the fool, Master Assassin,> Yuki said, smiling despite herself. Tsubasa heard a strange whizzing noise, causing him to turn around just in time to see the ribbons that he had blocked earlier flying like so many knives towards him. Moving his sword away from Yuki's throat, he managed to swat away the ribbons once again, this time noticing as the ribbons simply turned right around and flew back at him. Yuki seized her opportunity to get away, jumping to the top of the nearest skyscraper, chuckling slightly as the assassin fought off the ribbons again and again. She wasn't as amused when, after a few rounds, Tsubasa jumped as the ribbons, which had by then encircled the assassin, closed in, causing them to hit each other, removing the danger.

Spotting Yuki, Tsubasa leapt up the building, landing in front of the girl.
<Young Miss Sonoda, this game has gone far enough.>
<I'm not playing a game.>
<Perhaps some pain will prove otherwise, young miss,> Tsubasa said, swinging his sword at Yuki's ankle. However, the blade stopped just before it made contact.
<What the?> Tsubasa said, mystified.

<I told you, Master Assassin,> Yuki said, smiling sweetly as she grabbed the other end of the long black ribbon that had ensnared Tsubasa's blade. <I'm not playing a game,> she said as she flung the sword into the air.

The ribbon straightened out and formed a sword of Yuki's own, which she in turn pointed towards Tsubasa. Tsubasa smiled himself as he disappeared. He reappeared just behind the girl after grabbing his blade spinning in the air. <It seems this will actually be a decent fight,> he said as he launched back at the young girl.

<More than you know, Master Assassin. More than you know.> said the girl, who was now much more than just a girl, as the pair fought into the Tokyo night.

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