Chapter Thirty-One | Briefing

Kiada stood still inside Usaka's office, listening as his boss tore into him and wishing he was anywhere else.

<You fool!> Usaka yelled, his hand slamming against his desk in anger. <What did you think you accomplished with blowing the school sky high!?>
<You will talk when I tell you to, Sergeant!>
<Yes sir.>
<Shut up! I'll tell you what you accomplished: An intense scrutiny upon this organization as we close the deal on several large projects. We don't need the attention you brought upon us, though your recovery mission was successful.> He sat back, still visibly infuriated. <You may respond.>
<Sir, with all due respect, I was told to eliminate evidence tying back to this organization.>
<And you think that the proper way to go about that was introducing yourself to TPCD…as a RANKING OFFICER OF ENFORCEMENT…then disappearing when all hell broke loose? Did you really think that through, Sergeant?>
<I apologize for any unintended consequences for my actions…>
<Damn right you apologize. I have yet to fully determine your punishment, but we'll start off here. Give me your hand.>

Kiada extended his hand as Usaka took out a small device. Placing the end of the item on Kiada's thumb, Usaka turned his computer monitor so Kiada could see the results of the scan. Pressing a button on the device, the end of it shone blue for a split second. On screen, Kiada's personnel file appeared with a minimal delay:

QUOTE (Data Readout)Operative 368 - Player Data Summary:

Kiada Ian (Level 12)
- Rank IV – Sergeant (7 Ranked Missions until Rank III)
- Experience: 580/30000 until next Level
- Nationality: Japanese

Current Level Objective:
You are to direct a tactical strike on an enemy base using the S-85 remote fighter jet. Player will be given command of seven Rank V operatives for completion of this mission.
Difficulty Level: B
Ranked Mission? Yes

<Let's see…you did complete the task at hand, so I won't revoke your Level advancement. However, I will deduct that 580 additional experience you were able to obtain.>

As he spoke, the actions he decided to take were carried out in real time on the computer screen. <In addition, we're going to make your next mission a bit harder - an 'A' Difficulty Level seems adequate, with only six operatives under your command, rather than the seven originally allotted. Also, this will no longer be a Ranked Mission for you, Sergeant.>
<Yes sir,> Kiada said, resigned to his fate, while also glad the punishment wasn't more severe.

<I'm not done with you, Sergeant. But…should you exceed my expectations of you in this next mission, I will be more lenient. However, should you under-perform or fail…> he let the threat hang.

Kiada gulped. <Yes sir, I understand.>
<Good, now go meet your men and deliver the briefing. I expect the mission to be carried out tomorrow. Is that clear?>
<Yes sir; thank you sir.>
<You are dismissed. Get out of my sight.>

Kiada abided; turning and walking out of the office as quickly as he possibly could. As he closed the door, an attendant walked up to him.

<Sergeant,> she said, handing him a Memory Stick, <this holds the data on your operatives for your Level Objective, as well as further details on the mission.>

<Thank you,> Kiada said, grabbing the Memory Stick and sliding it into his PDA as the attendant bowed and walked away. <Interesting,> he thought, looking at the data. <It seems we are much further in this project than I would have guessed. But I suppose that's for the best.>

Kiada walked down the hall towards the briefing room. He opened the door, but upon seeing that only five of his operatives were seated in the room, he suddenly became angry himself.

<Good evening, I'm Sergeant Kiada, your Mission Operator. Introduce yourselves by your Operative Number…we don't have time for real names tonight.>
<I'm Operative 1061,> the woman on the right-most side said.
<810> the man next to her said.
<And I'm Operative 987,> the second woman of the group said.
<Good,> Kiada said, looking at his PDA, <then that just leaves Operative 521. He'll be taking the point position for his tardiness. I suppose it is good he's an American, hmm?>

This elicited a few chuckles from the group. The door behind Kiada opened on cue, revealing Ed.

<Ah, glad you decided to join up, 521.> Kiada said, eliciting more laughter. <You'll be taking the point position tomorrow. No bonus experience.>
<Yes sir…sorry sir.>
<Take a seat.>

Ed complied, sitting in the chair nearest the door. Meanwhile, Kiada pulled up his mission notes via hooking his PDA up to the room's projector.

<Our target tomorrow is this island in the South Pacific, Kiada said, pointing at the appropriate place on the map being projected. We will be utilizing the S-85 remote aircraft for this operation. I assume you are all familiar with the standard Dual Shock control scheme?>

The group all nodded, prompting Kiada to move forward. <Good, then I shall continue. This is a pretty straightforward mission. Seek and Destroy. The tricky part has been handled already; you're just following our tracker in. It shouldn't be too hard for you, but they are well-fortified, so, while the difficulty is an A, it will be much simpler once you're in. Any questions?>

Seeing none, he shut off the projector. <See you tomorrow then. Bright and early…we'll have the S-85's ready for you…it'll still be night for them, so they'll never know what hit them. Dismissed.>

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