Based off superstiton by Stevie Wonder. ~Video~


What's this down below me? T3H 3V1L H0Rd3Z in THR4LL!
Gonna get my PH34Rb0ts, time to start a BR4WL!
Fifteen year old SK00Lk1Dz, my 1337 fighting f0rc3;
Got to find t3h D4RK one, stop them at t3h source.

Largo "Where is my Cool Thing? Go find it for me now, or you will SuFF3R!
Piro: "Hey! What Cool Thing? Get away!!!"

Time to fight T3H 3v1L, UnD34d H0rD3Z at hand;
Got to get my NiNj4, anda 'Zilla to command.
W00T! Yeah 'Zilla stomp 'em! 1337 forc3 come along;
Junpei, you will L34D them, keep them fighting strong.

Junpei: "Do not trust in Cool Thing. Ifhe not make it work, 1337 Mast3r suffer."
Schoolkids: >Oh no that Cool Thing's not the way...<

"Largo's superstitious," that's what they all say;
But soon they'll all know better, 'cuz ZDay is today.
1337 F0RC3 doin' great now, Junpei's kickin @55, THR4LLz comin at the Zilla,
they must have B4LLz of brass.

Everybody Now: "He trusted in his Cool Thing, couldn't make it work, now he suffers!"
Junpei: "No, Mast3r's Cool Thing not the way."

Largo: "I guess my Cool Thing's not T3H way..."

(Looking scorched,Largo passes out.)

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