Largo was very disturbed by how easily Miho was able to arouse him. On an intellectual level he hated her amoral attitude. The way she would do whatever it took to achieve her goals, indifferent to who got hurt in the process. The way she'd play games with peoples' lives just to suit her own needs. Intellectually he was repulsed by her, but physically… there was no way around it, she was gorgeous, and it was now obvious to him that she knew how take advantage of her physical assets. Just thinking about what she did got him excited.

Distraction, I need a distraction, he thought. Without really knowing what he was going to say he asked, "What gave away our deception at the gate?" Miho looked him over for a few moments before replying, "Seeing two American/Japanese couples in an SUV wouldn't normally raise any suspicions, but since I was once part of your organization it immediately raised a red flag. Though in this case it only confirmed my suspicions. What really gave you away was your vehicle." She paused and seemed to enjoy Largo's confusion before she continued. "You see, your vehicle was identical to the one the other team had."

Largo was so vexed by this information that he almost groaned. Instead of lamenting, he decided to press her for more information. She seemed to be in a talkative mood, and he tried to take advantage of it. Next he asked, "What is your objective here, and why are you working for a drug lord? This is not your kind of game."

Miho gave him a shrewd look before answering. "You're perceptive, but not quite perceptive enough. I don't work for the Drug Lord. My employer is much more powerful, so they worked out a deal with Escobar to use his facility." Largo struggled to understand what that meant and thought, She doesn't work for the Escobar. Someone much more powerful sent her here, but for what… As Miho continued her explanation, it suddenly donned on Largo why she was here. Before she had a chance to say it, he blurted out, "You're here for the weapons, you knew a team was coming!"

Miho nodded then mimed applauding and said, "Very good, Largo. Yes, my employer learned where and when AJAT was going to be testing its new toys, and I was hired specifically because of my knowledge of AJAT." Seeing Largo's look of concern Miho added, "Don't worry, my employer isn't going to make trouble for AJAT, they have no love for terrorists, they just wanted to get their hands on your new weapons. So far everything has gone exactly according to plan, the only anomaly has been your team. To be honest, I expected to be gone hours before anyone came to check on the other team. Your early arrival was quite unexpected, and quite fortuitous, for me at least."

Largo sat there, shook his head and wondered if his team's luck could have been any worse. Then he said, "Your objective was the weapons, so you must want my help with them." As soon as he said that it donned on him, "You want me to assist you in hacking the weapons' security!"

Miho gave him a half smile and said, "True, but now I want more than that. If things go well here, I'd like to make you my partner." Largo immediately started to voice a retort, but Miho silenced him by raising her hand and saying, "Before you start getting hostile, remember the position you're in, and before you start exclaiming vows of defiance your should hear my offer first."

Largo managed to choke back the verbal assault he was ready to unleash, and he did his best to calm himself down. He had no desire to have the guard in the front seat knock him out with the butt of his rifle, so he took deep breaths and tried to think things through. While he desperately wanted to shout that she was insane, the memory of how easily she had manipulated his emotions was still fresh in his memory, and he was not eager for another demonstration. In the end he decided that staying calm and cool was his best choice, so in a level voice he said, "I think you will find it very difficult to convince me to join you."

While he didn't exactly expect her to be stung by his words, he was still fairly unsettled by her reaction. After hearing his reply she flashed him a wicked smile that was both predatory and seductive. Then she said, "Oh, I hope so, it wouldn't be any fun be if you weren't."

The rest of the ride passed without any significant conversation, and they arrived at their destination about two hours later. Their destination was a small complex of buildings that looked like an abandoned storage facility. Largo was left guarded in the car while Miho and the rest of the guards went into several of the buildings. He could see the truck that his team members had been put into, but there was no activity near it.

After about a half-hour wait, a couple of guards untied his feet and escorted him to one of the buildings. Inside he found Miho waiting for him. She said, "Sorry for the wait, but I wasn't expecting company. It took my men a little while to prepare your… accommodations. I acquired this facility and prepared it to be my workshop and hideaway until things calmed down. I'm well aware of AJAT's capabilities and I didn't want to try to leave the country until it seemed likely that I was already gone." She then motioned to the guards to untie him while she headed for the door. Before she left she said to him, "Of course this means that you're going to have plenty of time to consider all the… finer details of my offer."

After she left, he took the opportunity to inspect his 'accommodations.' The building had obviously been built for storage. It was about fifteen feet wide and twenty feet long. In the middle of a long wall was a garage door, and on the same wall there was a regular door near the corner. The walls were windowless and made of cinderblock, and the floor was concrete. The building was lit with two fluorescent fixtures hanging from the ceiling, which was about fifteen feet high. After his inspection, he had to admit that for a storage building, it made a wonderful prison.

The only advantage he had was that he couldn't be seen from the outside. If he ever did try to break out, they wouldn't be able to see what he was doing, but at the moment he didn't see much of a chance of that. The guards did a good job, the room was completely barren. Besides, he wouldn't try anything right away; he'd be a model prisoner until they let their guard down. After he verified that both doors were locked, he sat down against the opposite wall. While he waited he wondered how they would enter the room if they didn't know where he was.

He found out about an hour later. The door opened suddenly and one of the tougher looking guards stood in the doorway. The guard was unarmed, which was smart on their part, because it meant he wouldn't be able to steal a weapon and use it against them. He could see an armed guard several feet behind the one in the doorway, and he expected there were at least one or two more he couldn't see.

When the guard saw him sitting against the wall he relaxed a little and entered the building; two armed guards came in behind him. Without speaking to him, the guard took Largo by the arm and led him out of the building and into another building where there was a restroom he could use. The whole time the two armed guards followed from a safe distance. When he was finished he was escorted back to the same building and locked in; no words were spoken.

Back in his room he found some food, water and a mat. Since he knew they could drug or kill him whenever they wanted, he ate the food without question. Once finished he lied down on the mat to rest. It wasn't comfortable, but it beat lying the concrete floor. Before he fell asleep the door opened again, with the same procedure as last time. Only this time the guards brought in a chair. The guards securely tied him to the chair, when they were finished, they left and Miho came in.

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