The first thing Largo noticed as Miho entered the room was her long trench coat. It was cooler in the mountainous region they were in, but it wasn't exactly trench coat weather. The next thing that stood out was her perfume, which wasn't overbearing, but he got a good whiff of it while she slowly walked around his chair. The scent was intoxicating and for a second he almost forgot the predicament he was in.

After completing a circuit around his chair she stopped in front of him and said, "Sorry for the restraints, but they're necessary so we can be alone." She began walking around him again and said, "You know, I never wanted to be your enemy, it's just the way things happened to work out. Actually, I've always admired you, and I think it's a shame that we've never been able to combine our talents. We really have a lot in common, you know." She was standing in front of him again and looked him in the eye when she spoke, "We were both recruited for the same program, we both are good with electronics and computers, we both are formidable soldiers and we both love to play games."

Largo tried to stay as detached as possible, not wanting to be a part of anything she was trying to do, but her voice was as seductive as her scent. He found it was impossible to ignore her words. She wasn't even close to convincing him of anything, but he knew she had only started. He wanted to ignore her, and he was disappointed that he couldn't.

She started walking around him again as she talked, "I'm not evil, Largo; if I were, I'd simply torture your teammates until you helped me, but if I did that, I know you'd never work with me. You'd hate me forever, and I don't want that. So you see, I really do want us to be partners." When she was in front of him again, she faced him and said, "The real challenge is going to be trust. Before you can seriously consider any offer, you're going to need to trust me. I've been thinking about this for the last few hours, and I think I have a solution. To build a mutual trust, I have devised a little game that we are going to play." She paused for a moment and fixed him with an intense stare before she continued in a slow, deliberate voice, "And, I am going to show you how much I really - want - you." As she said the last few words, she opened her trench coat and let it fall to the ground.

Largo was trying his best to stay unaffected by anything she did, but this was just too much. Underneath the trench coat Miho was wearing one of the sexiest outfits he had ever seen. She was wearing a frilly corset that was laced up the front. It had an attached petticoat that just barely covered her panties, and she was wearing fishnet pantyhose that were held up with a garter belt. The tight corset showed off her lean, athletic body, while shaping her breasts to create a modest cleavage, and the petticoat hid just enough of her figure to tantalize the imagination. The outfit's effect was dramatic.

For a moment he forgot about everything other than the sexy vision before him, but he was quickly brought back to reality when he tried to move and remembered he was restrained. When his brain kicked back into gear, he became very nervous about what she had in mind for him. He understood her tactic and despised her all the more for it, but his body seemed to have a mind of its own.

After giving him plenty of time to take a good hard look, she did a slow graceful pirouette then asked, "Do you like?" When he didn't reply she sauntered over to him, examined his pants and said, "Ah, I guess at least part of you approves." Then she stood up and said, "Well, I guess I should explain the rules of our game."

Largo had no intention of playing any game, but he had no choice but to listen to her. Part of him wanted to yell at her and make snide remarks, but he knew that if he raised his emotions, she could use them against him. So he decided that saying nothing was his best course of action.

She stood up in front of him and gave him a wicked grin before turning her back to him. Instead of walking away, she slowly sat down on his lap and said coyly, "I hope you don't mind, but I though I might as well make myself comfortable. There, that's better," she said as she turned sideways so she could see his face. "It's really a simple game," she said as she leaned against his shoulder. "The game's called Slave, and I'm going to be your slave." She stretched her arms above her head and nonchalantly put one arm around him. Then she whispered in his ear, "I'll do anything you command." After a brief pause, she said, "There are a few conditions, though. I will not obey any commands that aren't for your personal pleasure, and I won't harm myself, no matter how much it would please you. Hmm… what else. No one else is allowed to play and if you don't give me a command I'll do as I please." She took her free hand and began drawing circles on his chest with her finger and said, "What is your command, master?"

Although Largo had never intended to play her game, the main reason he didn't immediately succumb to temptation had more to do with shock than any willpower on his part. Everything about her was erotic, and her sitting in his lap made her impossible to ignore. Plus, her scent him was driving him crazy; for a moment he wondered if she was using pheromones. He had been totally unprepared for how tempting her game would be, and he had never been so turned on in his life. Luckily, by the time his shock wore off, his brain was functional enough to realize that if he did participate in her game, it would soon erode his ability to resist her.

When he didn't respond she pretended to pout and said, "No command? Hmm… maybe you're just too tense? I know, I'll just help you relax a little." She got up and walked behind him and started to massage his neck and shoulders. After just a few minutes, Largo started to relax as her hands deftly kneaded away his tension, and he found he couldn't help but enjoy her excellent technique. As he relaxed she let her hands slide down his chest and as her head moved towards his ear she whispered, "Feeling better? I hope you enjoyed that." In his relaxed state he instinctively started to reply before he realized what he was doing. He choked back his reply and ended up making an unintelligible noise. Miho let her hands roam his chest as she said, "I guess I'll take that as a yes. You know, I'll massage any part of your body; I'm very good at relieving tension." She rested her head on his shoulder as she allowed her hands to drift dangerously towards his loins as she asked, "Any commands, master?"

Internally, Largo was waging a fierce battle with his libido. Everything about her just dripped of sex; the way she looked; the way she moved; the way she smelt; the way she talked and the way she touched. He desperately wanted to mutter the words, "Do it." He knew that's all it would take. What she was offering was the stuff fantasies were made of. It would have been so easy to give in, but somehow he managed to fight off his desire and keep his silence.

When it became clear that he wasn't going to respond, she slowly pulled away and put her trench coat back on. Then she said, "What a fun little game, don't you think? I'm really going to enjoy this. I thought it went exceptionally well for our first try, and I'm sure we'll find plenty of ways to make it more interesting the more we play it." Before she left she added, "The guards will come in and untie you in a few minutes. Oh, and sweet dreams, Largo."

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