Unable to sleep that evening, Largo analyzed his situation. He was being held captive by an ex-AJAT member somewhere in the Colombian Mountains. He was isolated from his teammates and didn't know their status. The present prospects for escape looked dim, unless his captors relaxed their procedures, and a gorgeous temptress was hell-bent on devouring his soul.

It was that last item that was occupying the majority of his thoughts. He hated himself for being so attracted to her. Especially because he knew exactly what kind of person she was, and what she was trying to do. In spite of that, he found himself turned on just thinking about her game.

He knew it was her plan to hide out here for awhile, and he wondered how many times they would play her little game in the upcoming weeks. More importantly, he wondered how he would resist her. He tried to think of ways to distract himself, but he rejected all of them as not strong enough. While trying to think of a good distraction, thoughts of Erika popped into his head.

There was really nothing between them, other than being partners, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he had felt something deeper. There was definitely potential there, but at the moment he was in no position to do anything about it. In the end he decided that it wouldn't be such a good idea to distract himself by thinking of his attractive partner.

He briefly considered relieving his sexual tension manually, but quickly abandoned the idea. If Miho had installed surveillance equipment, or if she found out another way, she would be able to use that against him. So in the end he used a meditation technique to clear his mind. It worked well enough to help him get to sleep.

Over the next two weeks Largo fell into a torturous routine. He was given food twice a day, taken to the bathroom three times a day and was allowed to bathe and change clothes every third day. The only thing that wasn't routine was his visits from Miho. He assumed she varied time and frequency of her visits so that he would never know when she was coming. Sometimes she would come to him as little as once a day, and sometimes as many as five times a day. The effect on him was that he ended up spending most of his time wondering when she was going to show up next.

She didn't always play her game. Sometimes she would just come in and talk to him. She was the only person that did, even though he never responded. When she came to talk, she would talk about things she knew he'd be interested in like, some of the jobs she'd taken and the technology and weapons she used. She also talked about her progress on hacking the weapon's security, and occasionally she'd tell him about some current news that she though he'd be interested in.

Those sessions were by far the minority; most of their time together was spent playing the game. She had several sexy outfits and she never wore the same one twice in a row. Largo realized that she must have been studying his reactions, because if she did something that really turned him on, she was certain to do it again. She also developed tactics to deal with the ways he tried to resist her. If he wouldn't look at her or shut his eyes, she would explicitly describe the type of commands he could give her, making sure she painted a vivid mental picture. If he tried to zone out and not pay attention, she would become much more physical in her tempting.

By the end of two weeks, she had become so adept at arousing him that he could barely stand it. He fought so hard to resist her, that by the end of each game he was completely exhausted. She dominated his existence to the point that he was unable to think of anything but her. When is she coming next; what will she be wearing; what is she going to do; how long will I be able to resist her? She permeated his thoughts to the point that he even dreamed of playing her game. There was no escaping her even in his sleep; she had become his world.

At this point there were only two things Largo thought about: How much he wanted her, and where he would find the strength to resist her. That's why he was completely disoriented when he didn't see her for a whole day. The day seemed to last forever as he sat watching the door waiting for her. As each minute passed, his anticipation grew and time seemed to stretch out impossibly long. By the end of the day he was so rattled that he could barely sleep. All night he wondered what it meant that she didn't show. Did she no longer need him; did she not want him; had she grown tired of him? Then a different thought occurred to him, maybe something happened to her; maybe she was injured or even killed. In spite of himself, his desire for her was so strong that he was actually concerned.

When she didn't come to him the next day he truly began to panic. On that day he had only one thought - where was she? Every passing second was agonizing as he sat watching the door. Where is she? he thought over and over again as he silently willed her to come through the door. There was nothing else he could think about, nothing else that mattered. It finally happened that evening, the guards came and tied him to the chair, then Miho walked in.

For several minutes she said nothing as they both stared at each other. Largo was so grateful to see her that he wanted to cry, but he was also upset that she had kept him waiting so long. Thoughts of resisting didn't even enter his mind. When she did speak, he thought her voice sounded almost angelic as she said, "I'm sorry I've been away so long. Did you miss me?" Largo's instincts told him to say nothing, but he ignored them and replied, "Yes." A huge smile spread across her face and she said, "I've missed you too."

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