This is meant to be a peek into Kimiko's head in the time covered by the last three panels of 1024. The ending isn't quite what I wanted, but it came out okay, I think. The "he" in stanza 2, line 7 is Dom, not Piro, in case it's not clear. ^_^

Coming Down

Why can't I stop these shakes and shivers
This cold that's seeping through me?
The rage and frustration I turned loose on him
Has almost reduced me to weeping.
I stood my ground in the face of an offer
From a Godfather-esque corporate goon
Walked away from a promise of security
I wasn' t meant to be able to refuse
Too good to be true.

I hear her beside me
Her calm, even breathing
Brings my own ragged gasps into heightened relief.
I can hear Piro calling to me from the phone
And the stress in his voice fills my whole heart with grief.
Was he right,
He who told me how Piro's been hurt?
Is it suffering alone I've brought into his world?
And he knew how to play me
Reading my emotions so clearly
Like I was only some junior high school girl!

I don't know how to answer the look in her eyes
As Tohya-san stands there waiting for me to speak
Whether or not she has been friend or foe
She's here now and keeping an eye on me.
Trembling, handing her the phone
Needing her to calm Piro
Before he has a heart attack
Still shivering here
And not yet thinking clearly
Feeling the cool stone at my back
I go numb.

Nothing moving.
Barely thinking.
Totally worn out and drained
Shell shocked and tear stained
Needing a moment to gather myself
Before rising to face today's chaos again.

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