This semi-serious piece was inspired by the MT Goes to the Movies rescript thread. You'll see why in the last stanza. The speaker is Ping.

Love Means...

Many have asked the meaning of "love,"
And some contend it's from Heaven above
While others say it's from here on Earth below.
Some say it is found among sad girls in snow.

Is it to be found by wearing curly black ribbons?
Or maybe in a dance to the "Mosh-Mosh" rhythms?
I'd add it up, but my coding includes no algorithm
To determine whether this is right or wrong.
I've heard that happiness is a warm beagle,
But Mister Ed said that happiness is a warm gun
(In fact, I've heard this agrees with an old Beatle).

I wonder where else I can look.
Is it in "A Lack of (Fore)Sight"?
Perhaps in Miho's wombified book?
Maybe from Akihabara's L-E-D lights?

Maybe I lack what makes other girls real,
And that is the reason I can't really feel.
I am only plastic, metal, and gears
And have been active for less than a year.
Some girls hate me for being "kawaii,"
But they'll hate me more for acting a lie.
I think that's it, though you may call it "phony,"
Love means never having to say "You're Sony."

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