The Two

A cool wind starts blowing
As the present meets the past
The one who is now with him
And the one who knew him last

Women from different worlds
Parts of the unknown plan
Their lives here intertwine
Around the fate of one man

Two who should be rivals
Share things one normally hides
While chaos threatens around them
Tests abound on all sides

A bond begins to form
Between two unlikely souls
Both of them with problems
Neither one is yet quite whole

Eyes are opened to observe
Those things always out of mind
If it can last for only a moment
Her view will be realigned

Unbound compassion flows freely
For a memory that brings pain
The encounter still has meaning
Though the game had left her slain

Going forward is enough of a challenge
To face the trials of the day
Where they are going are different places
But together they will find the way

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