Ocelot's Roundabout Breakfast [Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast]

a) Rise and Shine

Within Dallas County, a young Megatokyo fan awoke. He'd stayed up too long last night listening to music, and couldn't quite get it out of his head.
"Marmalade, I like marmalade."
Yeah... wait, no I don't. Anyway, he was starving, and looked through all his cupboards. As he did, he thought about
"Breakfast in Los Angeles, macrobiotic stuff."
I don't even know what that means, but he thought about what breakfast was like in Megatokyo households. He already knew
"Pancakes, bacon...."
Sorry, I'm too hungry to write this intro.

B) Sunny Side Up

Weekend mornings are always quiet at the Sonoda residence. Dad was gone and Mom was off in some other part of the house while Yuki and Yuuji ate breakfast. All was quiet... except for Yuuji's frickin' smacking! Yuki squeezed her spoon tightly in frustration at the constant smack-smack-slurp, trying hard not to show any sign of irritation, for if her brother noticed how annoyed she felt, he would undoubtedly smack louder.

She knew that, because she had made that mistake before. She'd tried asking him to quit, and she'd tried retaliating, but there was no stopping him. If only Mom was around, she never tolerated such poor manners, but alas - getting up to find her was not an option, because Yuuji would know what she was doing and slip out, and calling her would just bring their mother's ire upon both of them.

Then, Yuki had an idea. Might this be a good opportunity to test her newfound Magical Girl powers? She looked at Yuuji's glass of juice and, with just a flick of the wrist, made it topple over towards him so that the offender of good manners now had a crotchful of orange juice.

Her brother was smart, though. He made no sound, knowing that, though he'd certainly bring Mom's anger down upon his younger sibling, that would also deny him his own retaliation. Instead, he slowly rotated his head towards Yuki, then lifted his spoon out of his cereal bowl, took aim, and fired. However, his munitions flew backwards into his own face! This turn of events was so unexpected that Yuuji couldn't help but jump, and nearly fell out of his seat. Yuki took the opportunity to spring off the chair and out the door, making a mental note to be particularly careful around Yuuji for a few days.

c) Morning Glory

Meanwhile, at the Tohya residence, things are... well, how are things?
"Well, wouldn't you like to know?" asked the young mistress with a wink.

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