In the Strip [2525] (Dedashi and Dekiagari)

In the strip [2525]
If Tokyo is still alive
If the city's not zombified
They may find

In the strip [3535]
Magical Yuki will have learned to fly
She'll wear a flashy costume too
And inherit a sidekick named Boo

In the strip [4545]
Junko finally got Largo fired
Junpei had to find a substitute
Now the class is taught by l33t d00d

In the strip [5555]
The fanboy wars have had many fights
But peace is soon on the upswing
Once they all get a hug from Ping

In the strip [6565]
Erika has returned to the idol life
She worked through her romantic woes
And then she eloped with Largo, whoa-oh

In the strip [7510]
If Piro and Kimiko kiss it should be by then
And what a good couple they make
Seraphim gets a well deserved break

In the strip [8510]
Ping finally rids herself of Ed
She sends him in a small crate back home
And packs Dom with him so he won't be alone, whoa-oh

In the strip [9595]
Sight is out on the shelves to buy
It's sold out at stores near and far
And Kimiko is a major super star, whoa-oh

Now it's been 10,000 strips
Three months of story was quite a trip
Miho enacts her master plan
And reveals all about her past

The webcomic has its final day
Soon MegaTokyo is an anime
It's a favorite in every form
Now Fred can start on Warmth

In the strip [2525]
If Tokyo is still alive
If the city's not zombified
They may find...


Since the original is a silly paranoid view of the dystopian future, I figured the best counterpart would a silly hyper optimistic newbie fanfic future. Plus a couple jabs at the famed "slowness" of MT's story progress because the song structure begged for them.

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