Ashley mopped the beading sweat from Ed's brow then reached for the drink that Miho had left for him. He trembled as she tipped his head up to allow him to take a sip. "Not too much now my love. I don't want to make you sick." Ed smiled then lowered his head to the pillow and closed his eyes.

Cammy smiled as she watched then spoke, "They're not very happy with the way we handled this you know."

Ashley looked up and grimaced, "I'm aware of that, still I imagine that they'll adjust to the situation. The Transgenics are a lot like us. Perhaps they are even smarter. You know that they've both gone to work on Largo by now, don't you?"

Cammy leaned back and smiled, "Of course they are. I want them too."

Ashley raised an eyebrow, "You what?"

Cammy's face went as blank, "Largo and I discussed it last night after returning to the vat. I had assumed that Ping had not told Miho-chan the entire story and I was right. Of course she'd never have agreed to infecting him had she known what you intended." Her eyes narrowed, "You did tell Ed what was in store for him, didn't you?"

Ashley jerked back as if she'd been slapped, "How dare you! Of course I told him. He wasn't one bit happy with it but he realized that if he didn't that he would be destroyed and I would be bound to another." She blinked and looked thoughtful, "You don't suppose that Tsubasa abandoning Ping to Piro is the cause of her behavior do you?"

Cammy nodded, "I believe exactly that, we've all been imprinted with Pings core but we all have a user who cares for us in some way. Even Europea has had only Sonoda-san, though she's probably the most like Ping of all of us because of the family situation she has been thrust into."

Ashley tenderly brushed Ed's face and spoke without looking up; "We are going to have to speak with Ping about these matters. Even though she is The First it is not her place to endanger us in this way."

Cammy was silent for several minutes, she traced a line around Ed's ear with the tip of her finger, "You're not just saying that because you don't like seeing him go through this ordeal are you?"

Ashley shook her head, "No, not at all. I believe that we could have persuaded Miho-chan to have allowed it. It was in all of our best interest. Ed's current position in Enforcement is vital, she wouldn't have wanted to lose that."

Cammy grinned then lean across Ed to hug Ashley; "I'm so glad to hear that. We'll have to call for a meeting soon and confront Ping about these things."

Ashley frowned, "What do you suppose that Rio will say? She's rapidly gaining strength. She was the one who traced Tsubasa's connections."

Cammy chuckled, "Rio can be quite treacherous herself, as I understand it she held back and allowed Demi to take the lead and practically seduce him before she made her move."

Ashley grinned impishly, "I wonder if she has a record of that, it would be most amusing to show Ed when he's feeling better."

Cammy nodded, "Oh, I'm sure she does. She's most impressive, Rostovich tell her all sorts of things, shows her all sorts of things. And she only needs to see or hear something once to master it."

Ashley mouth fell open; "She should be sharing these things with the rest of us. We need that, you know?"

Almost half an hour passed before either of the girls spoke again. Finally Cammy giggled, "Do you realize that we both prefer to speak English despite the fact that our Japanese module is suppose to be default?"

Ashley nodded and looked away, "Yes, that's true." She finally took a deep breath, "I've been waiting for you to asků"

Cammy wrinkled her nose, "Ask what? If Sashi made love to you?"

Ashley stood up and glared at Cammy, "No! Not that.." She blushed deeply and turned away before speaking, "I meant about Ed and I, how we joined togetherů"

Cammy gently took Ashley's shoulder and turn her to face her, "I think I know how that was, to dream as one, to feel his love for you as he does."

Ashley looked up startled, "How could you?" She shook her head as understanding came to her eyes.

Cammy smiled, "Last night Largo invited me to join him in his vat. He needed me and I needed him."

Ed stirred slightly and smiled as he listened, as he drifted back to sleep he murmured, "Good for Largo!"

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