Sashi tilted his head then glanced at Miho as the page was announced over the clinics PA system. <I wonder what they could want with us in the central administration office? >

Cammy smiled and inclined her head toward a television monitor above the table that she and Largo shared with the Transgenics siblings. The image switched from a local news feed to that of a spacious well furnished conference room. Miho leaned forward as she looked at the screen; she recognized the Director and both her and Sashi's doctors. The well-dressed couple with them seemed familiar.

Sashi grinned, <That man is a member of the Diet. Ogawa-san if I'm not mistaken. And the woman appears to be his wife. >

Cammy nodded in approval, <Indeed Sashi, he is the youngest member of the Diet and many believe him to be a future Prime Minister. >

Sashi looked at Cammy, <I suppose that they are here for…fertility treatment? >

Largo set his beer down and glared, "Would anyone care to tell me what's going on here?" Cammy simply smiled and took his hand in hers. "They have to leave now."

Miho and Sashi looked at each other and shook their heads. Cammy was playing a game with them, one that they'd have to finish later. Rising as one they said goodbye and made their way to the elevator.

<I'm surprised that she would tip her hand like that. >

Sashi pressed the button for the top floor; <I'm not. >

Miho took his hand and squeezed it, <Why is that? >

Sashi returned the squeeze and twined his fingers into hers; <She was letting us know her capability. She wished to show us that she's taken control of building surveillance. But she also wishes to show us that she's on our side. I suspect that this meeting will reveal that they need us more than we need them. >

Miho opened her mouth to ask another question but rapidly closed it and released her brother's hand as the elevator door opened. The two doctors where fidgeting there as they stepped out. <We're so fortunate that the two of you are here today! It's a great day for the project! Hurry, they are waiting! >

The sibling grinned at each other then hurried to follow the excited doctors. As they entered the conference room they were struck with a plethora of emotions from the occupants. The young woman seemed poised and calm but Miho and Sashi could smell her fear. In fact the only people in the room who weren't afraid were Sashi, Miho and Ogawa-san.

Miho looked at the woman clinically, she seemed healthy enough. Attractive, but she'd had cosmetic surgery done to change her eyes making them appear more Western. The director interrupted her assessment with an introduction; <I would like you to meet Ogawa-sama and his wife. > Looking back at the man he continued, <Ogawa-sama, these are Sashi and Miho. The young people I was telling you about. >

Miho grinned as her brother relaxed; pheromones filled the air and the young woman's fear left her as she relaxed. Miho's grin broadened as she watched a hunger come into her eyes as she stared at Sashi. Sashi and Miho both bowed then Sashi stepped forward to shake Ogawa's hand. < I'm pleased to meet you. May I ask what it is that I, a Major in the JDF, could possibly owe this honor too? >

The director started to speak but was cut off by Ogawa. <My wife and I wish to have children> he looked over at her and she nodded in agreement, <We would like for them to have every advantage. That is why we've come to this clinic. >

Sashi grinned broadly and looked Ogawa in the eye, <I believe that is a very wise thing that you seek. I have no doubt that you've been shown both my sister's files and mine. Your children will have all the advantages possible. >

Ogawa blinked rapidly, he had no idea just how impressive Sashi would be in person. He took a deep breath, <Yes, my sons will be among the future leaders of Japan…> his voice trailed off as Miho lay her hand on his chest. She looked up at him and smiled, <Only sons? What of your daughters? >

Ogawa swallowed then uncharacteristically stuttered, <I. we were planning to have two sons. > He looked at his wife nervously. Rather than nodding in agreement she only stared at Miho.

Miho grinned at the wife as she ran her fingers up to the mans chin, <Now that's not fair, a brother need a sister. Isn't that right, Sashi? >

Sashi nodded in agreement, <It's true, Ogawa-san. Your children will be very different in many ways. There's no guarantee that they'll have others like them for companionship as they grow up. Two brothers alone might take to fighting in an attempt to establish dominance. Sisters would temper them, I know that mine does that for me. > He smiled as he lay his hand on Miho's shoulder; <I don't know what I'd do without my little sister. >

Miho tipped her head over to press her cheek against Sashi's hand, <I love my brother and he loves me. We make each other strong. >

Both Ogawa and his wife's eyes seemed to be glazed over and they nodded numbly in agreement. <Yes, of course. They'll be twins. >

As the doctors led the couple away the Director beamed at Sashi and Miho. <You two, you're magnificent! That went even better than I'd ever have wished. >

Sashi stared at him, <Did you tell him about our pheromones? >

The Director nodded, <Of course I did, I don't think that he believed me at first though. >

Cammy and Ashley each watched the scene from different parts of the clinic, as the meeting concluded they met in Chatspace. Ashley spoke first, <That was certainly enlightening, wasn't it? >

Cammy nodded in agreement, <Indeed, it would seem that the Transgenics and by extension ourselves won't have to take over anything. It's going to be handed to us. >

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