For my 100th post, let me try a older Blue Oyster Cult song not played as much on the Radio. 'Cities on Flame' is one of their best in concert.

Sky is in Flames
His fate is black, Ed's poor lost soul.
Sky is in Flames. Then from a whole
3000 zombies rain from the sky.
Head for the van. 'Crossbows' I cry!
Oh let the van, let that van, come and go!
And best it bring back, much more crossbows!

Garden of much beer, or 'Sea of the Light'
She pays the tab, and that's alright!
Sky was in Flames, a zombie patrol
But with the black van, we will find control!
Let them rain, let them rain, zombie patrols!
Sky is in flames, but we'll control!

We then found Ed. His skin was black.
Those damn zombies! camped Medipack!
'The end must be n3ar', I started to sing,
That's when I brought out, my really Cool Thing!
Let me show, let me show, my really Cool Thing!
See it's like cool. And it's this Thing...

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