[English]Sing, O my muse, of the wrath of Largo, that did bring infinite pain upon the Zombies. Many an undead soul did he hasten to Hades and many a PC did he frag into pieces, for so was the prophecy of Rodney fulfilled from the day on which the Queen of Zombies, slayer of the East Coast Servers, and Great Teacher Largo, first fell out with one another.[/English] Classic Iliad, English Translation

[Greek]Menin aeide thea Largos oulomenen, he muri Zombiois alge etheke,
Pollas d' iphthimous psuchas Aidi...[/Greek]

Crap! Zombie might go untranslated, but undead is so much more than mere negation of soul/breadth. Well, how many MT fans care to critique my Greek?

[l33t]J0, d00d! ph34r pl4y3r 0n3. H3 ownzed th3 und34d.[/l33t]

"...And next week on 'Classical Poetry Theatre' we will filk the Beowulf Epic into the MT Universe."

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