After Yesterday

Kimiko, I saw her face and it seemed aglow
In every action her kindness shows
Oh, I'm in love, with Kimiko

Kimiko, she is my new Sad Girl in Snow
I just wish I could learn how to show
Her the way I feel, oh Kimiko!

She gave me back the rail card
She didn't have to, though
She was mad, I feel like a cad,
You wound me Kimiko…

Oh Kimiko, your smile sets my heart aglow
But your disgust makes me feel so low
How can I make up to Kimiko?

I hear she's a voice actress
And what's more she can sew
Amazing cosplay outfits
She's perfect; oh Kimiko

Kimiko, I like you more than you can know
Please don't say that I have to go
I want to stay with you, Kimiko...

Author's Notes: I think the timing is a little off at places, but I'm content. Besides, I'm starving here, so I need to go.

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