Oh the Piro is pretty angry, dear
And he shows it openly
but no jack knife has he here
so lucky these otakus are

Then When Yuki appears in her dress, dear
MT-Readers get a nosebleed
Fancy glasses, make her darn cute here
Yeah the Meganekko hits 'em hard

On the table there, right behind their boss, there
sits a masked man, craving for coke
startling Yuki when he starts speakin'
is that someone Yuuji?

from the sky near a skyscratcher
a mad zombie is droppin down
that mad fella is just for war here
bet you Miho is back in town

Mad otakus are swarmin tokyo
and Largo fights with his carrot
And poor Yuki doesn't know what awaits her
because zombie otakus are rather rude

Oh, l33t Largo, angry Piro
ninj4 junpei, sweet Yuki
Oh the Lines form on the right, dear
Now that Miho is back in town

Mack the Knife - Robbie Williams' version

Yeah, I guess it's ok for a quicky

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