When I first saw Yuki with her mop, a few fragments of this popped straight into my head. But it didn't go anywhere, and I thought it was dead. Seeing the 1056 DPD however (Yuki's shoes with their "great thick soles" especially) forced me to go back and try again. I started with this reference, but admit to abusing the scansion quite a bit in places, sorry. :( (And yes, I know that stressing "SO-no-da" on the first syllable like that is a horrible Anglicization and just plain wrong in terms of Japanese pronunciation, but it couldn't be helped. My apologies again.)

Good Maid Yuki Sonoda

Maid Yuki had a magic mop with great long bristles on.
She walked among the zombie hordes and hit them on the head.
On an "ordinary" Tuesday
(MT rarely has slow news days),
She fought the undead ranger foe and this is what she said:

"I am Maid Yuki!" (squish-squish)
"I am Maid Yuki!" (splack-splack)
"I am Maid Yuki
"(Though that sounds a bit kooky),
"To the hell-hole that spawned you, go back!"

Maid Yuki had a lead pipe with a great big valve on;
A plain ol' pipe the store (from which she "borrowed" it) won't miss.
Now her fears were at an end,
Thanks to hints from a "l33t" friend;
She cracked the zombies' skulls with taps as gentle as a kiss.

"I am Maid Yuki!" (gish-gish)
"I am Maid Yuki!" (clang-creak)
"I am Maid Yuki
"(Sure, I feel rather kooky),
"Now get out of my town, undead freaks!"

Maid Yuki had a pair of boots with great thick soles on;
A fashionable pair for which she'd paid a tidy sum.
In Shinjuku or Takaido,
Wherever that foul army'd go,
She chased the fleeing zombies and she kicked them in the bum.

"I am Maid Yuki!" (crunch-crunch)
"I am Maid Yuki!" (spleck-splerk)
"I am Maid Yuki
"(Now who's calling me kooky?!),
"This gunk better wash off, you jerks!"

Maid Yuki made it home quite late and tumbled straight into her bed.
"She's grounded for a week!" was all her irate father said.
But mother, with a secret wink,
Hid the pipe beneath the sink,
And tucked her snoring daughter in and kissed her on the head.

"That's my Maid Yuki!" (sniff-sniff)
"That's my Maid Yuki!" (tee-hee)
"That's my Maid Yuki
"(True, the name's a tad kooky)
"Be the best Magic Girl you can be!"

Yuki dragged herself to school next day, her eyes red and bleary.
But rumors of some photos woke her up when she got there.
"It's Maid Yuki! An upskirt shot!"
"Bah, not a focused face in the lot!"
Then Mami said "That pair is one I'm sure I've seen somewhere..."

"I am Maid Yuki? Oh, no!
"I am Maid Yuki? You're high!
"This isn't some manga, I'm Yuki;
"Just Yuki-chan (Sonoda Y.)"

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