It was all unfamiliar, frightening and wrong. The bed was small and hard, not like hers at all. The sheets were coarse and the pillow thin and lumpy. The smell was all wrong as well; stale and damp and fishy. And (ugh) what was she doing sleeping in her school uniform? Hadn't she even taken her shoes off? And why did the room seem to be rocking? Worst of all was the taste in her mouth; dry and pasty and sour, like she hadn't brushed her teeth in a week.
Where was she?
Yuki opened her eyes and tried to sit up, and quickly discovered that there was something that felt worse than her mouth. Her head immediately started pounding, and the world swam around her. Moaning, she laid back down. That was better--a bit--but the fuzzy glimpse of the room she was in was totally unfamiliar to her. It was a cramped little bedroom with cheap paneling on the walls. The bed she was laying on and a small dresser took up almost the entire floor space. The small window was heavily curtained. Slowly she became aware that a sharper, smaller pain was competing for attention with her throbbing head. She tried to move her leg, and felt something cold and hard tug at her ankle. Handcuffs. She had played with her dad's police-issue cuffs often enough to recognize them. Another jerk confirmed that her ankle was cuffed to the metal bed frame.
Where was she?
Yuki tried to remember, but she was too dizzy to focus. The headache hadn't gone away. She moaned again. She heard a door open, and tried to look, but her eyes didn't want to open. She sobbed, curling up in a protective position, wishing for more than a thin sheet between her and…everything.
"How are you feeling?" It was a man's voice, unfamiliar. The tone was gentle, but she didn't trust it. There was something wrong about it.
"Where am I?"
"How are you feeling?" The man said again, a hint of impatience creeping into his tone.
"Dizzy. Headache. Thirsty." Yuki hated to give ground that easily, but didn't see any good options.
She heard the sound of a twist-cap being removed.
"Hold out your hand," the voice said, and when she did, she was handed a plastic bottle. "It's water. Take small sips, and then I've got some aspirin for the headache."
"Who are you?"
"Water first, Yuki-san. Then the aspirin, and then when you're feeling better I'll explain everything."
Yuki didn't like hearing the man speak her name. She didn't trust him, but she didn't have much choice. She still couldn't open her eyes without feeling like she was going to faint. She took a drink.
"Small sips," the man reminded, "or you'll make yourself sick. Now hold out your hand again."
Hesitantly she obeyed, and felt two small objects drop into her palm.
"When you feel like you can swallow, take those two pills. They'll make you feel better, and then I'll come back and talk to you."
"…Ok." She said.
"Good girl. I'll be back in a bit."
Good girl. Even through the fog of her pounding head, Yuki felt a flash of resentment at being patronized. Be a good girl, Yuki. She vowed to herself to be a very bad girl as soon as she had the chance. She heard the man move away, and then the door closed. Yuki took another sip of water, then laid back and tried to think. The headache…had she been drugged? What did she remember last? School was out for the day…she left the way she usually did…and then everything became a blur. It was pretty obvious what had happened; she'd been drugged and kidnapped. That would have frightened her more, but her pounding head was still occupying a lot of her attention. She did have a passing thought that when her dad caught up with whoever was responsible, they were going to be very, very sorry. Should she take the pills the man had given her? She forced her eyes to open and focused on the objects in her hand. The effort was costly, and her vision blurred around the edges before she closed them again, but she could see the two white pills. They appeared to be plain aspirin, stamped with the logo of a brand she recognized. Well, she'd never be able to do anything feeling like this. Yuki swallowed the pills, took another drink of water, and lay back on the bed.

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