Jungo was watching the scene intently from his cover a block away, cursing his luck. His three team members were arranged around him in a careful ambush, but it looked like no one would be falling in. The orders Haruki had given him were not complicated; if the heat came down, intercept the pair that had been hired to kidnap the kid. If they still had her with them, get them all to a secure place. If not, kill them. Jungo had no problem with that. He'd followed orders as bad and worse for years, and done just fine. The distinct possibility that someday someone following orders would put a bullet in his own head didn't much bother him either. In Jungo's dark little world, that was just how things worked.
So there were his two targets, minus the girl, right down the street. The problem was that some teenaged goth chick--who was way too fast and strong to be real--had stopped them before they ran into Jungo's team. The range was too far to be sure with the pistols he and his boys were packing…and with these three Jungo badly needed to be sure. His options were to wait for a better opportunity, charge the trio until the range was better and open up, or try for the long shots. He didn't like any of them much. Given more time he could try to flank them, but the cops would be there any moment; he had seconds, not minutes, to make a call.
Just then a shout, followed by a rifle shot rang out. That would be Haruki's A team distracting the cops. Whether they were doing it voluntarily or not he couldn't tell, but either way it was too close for comfort. Jungo didn't waste time cursing.
"Yoshi, take the big guy. Yumita, get the skinny one. Sadao, you're with me on the girl. On three…" With that he propped his pistol on the crate he'd been using for cover, and took very careful aim. At least the targets were stationary for the moment.
Junichi had risen to his feet, glowering at the girl, but acquiescent for the moment.
"You two walk back to the dock with your hands up, and surrender to the police," the girl said as if she were talking about what to fix for lunch. "I'll go deal with the four goons over there who were just about to kill you."
With that dismissal, she turned up the street, facing the direction they'd originally been running, and started walking purposely forward.
"Kill us…?"
And the light came on in Chain's head.
"What do we do now?" Junichi asked.
"You kidding? We do exactly what the magic girl said. Last time I checked, jail is still better than worm food."
"And when we get out, we're going to find Haruki and kill him. Slowly."
"…two…" Jungo appeared dead calm, but he was sweating. He'd hit smaller targets from this range before, just not every time. The girl had turned towards him. That was good and bad. It gave him a larger target, but she was acting like she knew they were there. Yoshi would get the walking mountain for sure, but hitting him and killing him were two different things. Chain was still standing side-on, presenting Yumita a very tricky target. Jungo wanted to wait for a better shot for Yumita, but that girl…
Sirens were wailing in the distance. There was no time.
The girl was perfectly framed in his gun sights. It would be a clean shot to the chest. As Jungo's finger tightened on the trigger, his vision seemed to blur for a moment…
…and his finger closed on empty air.
"Huh?..." Not as quick on the uptake as Chain, Jungo stared stupidly at his hand for a moment, refusing to believe that his pistol was suddenly no longer there. It slowly dawned on him that no shots had been fired; the rest of his team was in a similar state.
Haruki's gonna be pissed…
That exclamation came from behind him and to the left. Looking over his shoulder he saw a young girl in a school uniform about 6 meters away from him. She was dripping water, and struggling to keep hold of four large pistols with hands too small to handle even one of them properly. As he watched, gaping, one of the guns—Yoshi's magnum revolver, still cocked—slipped out of her hands and fell to the pavement. Knowing that Yoshi's piece had a hair trigger, Jungo yelped and ducked, covering his head. The magnum fired when it hit the ground, and the round slammed into the crate just centimeters from his shoulder.
"Sorry!" called the girl.
"Hey!" Jungo started to come to his feet, angry, but a small hand with many rings fell on his shoulder, and he felt himself pressed inexorably back to the ground.
"Stay down, boyo, and you won't get hurt," whispered a soft feminine voice seductively in his ear. A black ribbon tickled his cheek. He smelled lilacs.
Yumita tried to break and run. He got nearly to the corner before being snatched up by the scruff. His captor was a striking middle-aged woman who couldn't have weighed more than 50 kilos fully clothed and soaking wet (she was currently both). Nevertheless, she managed to get his feet a full 20 centimeters off the ground.
"Urk!" He said as his collar dug into his neck.
"My goodness you're in a hurry today, sir." exclaimed the woman, holding the man off the ground one-handed with no visible effort. With the other hand she batted aside his earnest attempts to punch her. She swung him this way and that, easily avoiding his clumsy kicks.
"Toyha-chan!" Yuki had managed to put the other three guns down without another incident. She ran to the older girl and threw her arms around her.
Miho froze, with a strange look on her face. She looked like she didn't know what to do for a moment, and then tentatively gave the younger girl a brief hug. Yuki noticed none of the awkwardness.
"Thank you for coming for me, Tohya-chan." Yuki said into Miho's shoulder.
Something was caught in Miho's eye.
"C'mon, Yuki-san, you're getting me wet." She took Yuki by the shoulders and drew her away so she could see her face. "Of course I came for you, Yuki-san. Us magic girls have to stick together."
That last was delivered with a wink towards Meimi, who was still holding Yumita at bay. Yuki noticed what was going on.
"Hey scumbag! If you don't quit trying to hit my mom I'm going to come over there and kick your butt!"
"Well, I will!"

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