We always have haikus, but my favorite medium of poetry is something else entirely. SO:

This is a portrait of Erika (it switches from bird's eye to inner in the third stanza, at the entrance of Meimi) based on a speculation of some of her thoughts in the first several panels. I wrote it based on Shakespearean sonnets, although my iambic pentameter is slightly off in a few places due to poetic liscence.

Hope you enjoy it!

Megatokyo 1097 Sonnet

She closes phone with snap, her heart-strings tight.
She might have known that he would never show
And that he'd have a dumb excuse, dumb fight
Inside his small, dumb mind; dumb, stupid, slow
Why did she always fall for guys like these?
She always got blocked out as quick as sound,
Then watched them drift away just like a breeze
While iron angel wings she wore stayed bound
To gravity. So can you sympathize,
You gentle mother, to the weight in me?
You have a husband; kids. What cold dark lies
Could drag you down or haunt you possibly?

And yet you see through laughter to the cry.

Why do you still believe that I can fly?


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