Largo the Loser [Cortez the Killer]

He came drunken across the water
Never cried for human love
Posing as a warrior
Slayer of the Son of Sun[*]

On the isles sang Hayasaka
In the studios she reigned
On her shows she sounds so perfect
For her voice would never strain

And her fanbase gathered 'round her
Like the snow on some sad girl
In their costumes for their websites
For to woship Tokyo's pearl

And the heroines were beautiful
And their faces cold and long
They offered lives of fantasy
So the fanbase could feel strong

Love was just a legend
And heartbreak never known
The fanbase played together
And they'd live their lives alone

And Largo came in the story
With his skills so honed and l33t
And he'd take her as his student
To teach about his cool things

And I know she's living there
And she loves him to this day
I still can't remember when
Or how he lost his way

He came drunken across the water
Largo, Largo
What a loser

[*]Son of Sun: Enemy in Chrono Trigger

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