Another character exercise. This is my take on Miho's psyche -- always a dangerous topic. I've already made my opinions on both what Miho is and what her motives are fairly clear in various discussion threads, but this sonnet reflects them... hopefully in a more exploratory (and poetic) manner. I tried to make the style pretty straightforward in this one, because when i'm feeling down I tend to focus on a few simple ideas, and so I wanted to convey the same sort of thing with Miho. C&C always welcome :)

You may want to reference [606] first.

Sonnet 1101 -- Miho

It's harrowing to play it so direct.
And there's no love around for me to drink,
Just cold disgust as they recoil, suspect
The worst of me. It isn't what you think—
But if I spoke aloud, they'd simply sneer.
It's cold, and I'm alone. Do I deserve
The hatred stemming from the rage and fear?
It seems I do, and yet it strikes a nerve—
I feel protections fail inside my bones,
And, hunching shoulders, brace, and stare at floor,
And wait for them to start to hurl their stones.
I just don't want to play this anymore.
And yet he asks, unwilling to be through,
Concerned and OOC, "What's wrong with j00?"
Plus, in answer to the above.

A zombie queen, name of Miho,
finds her darkness too deep, lets it go.
But a change of that stripe
(so contrary to type)
breeds suspicion in all those you know.

Are these character changes all cursed?
No-one ever thinks ought but the worst.
There's no warning that says,
when you're changing your ways,
"You can heal, but you have to hurt first."

And instead they're all "What's wrong with j00?"
for they know that you're bad through and through
and they make no exemption
for potential redemption
and the lessons they need to learn too.

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