A Fairytale of MegaTokyo

It was bed-bath time in
the nurse was comin' in - she had an evil grin
I begged her not to come -
she said she'd send my mum
I caved in straight away
and thought about you . . .

And then I saw your face
- you hangin' there in space -
I see you're bleeding
I'm scared you're zombified
How can I help you?
I really like you
but your want's impossible
and you are petrified.

There are zombies with guns,
giant robots galore.
But they fired big harpoons, pinned
your new pet to the floor.
When you first "rescued" him,
took him out of that pen,
you didn't think
he'd never see it again.

He was scaly,
you a meido,
Queen of MegaTokyo!
After Largo had briefed you
'Zilla gave a roar!
The zombie stench of death
burned off in his fire breath,
you sent me the photos
and I gazed in fright!

And the zombie rangers chomped away
On the 'zilla's wounds they'd made
and they turned your little pet
into their slave!

You are cute
but you're stuck!
Yes you're right out of luck
with your big zombie pet groaning out in the yard.
You're a n00b but you're magic
and you look so tragic
I will search for a cure
and I'll find one for sure!

Out of the window now
(I couldn't see quite how)
I took your hopes away
when you came to me.
I'll send them back to you
if I do nothing else
I think you need me and
your smile's what I need to see.

The "chorus" gets repeated in various places when this is performed and I've followed the rhyme scheme in so far as it has one. Enjoy, or not.

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