>Somehow, I think we could all find bliss
In the sturdy confines of Largo's fist...

and yet it seems that Largo's fist
is a subject we can all resist!
His glabrous paws will not be missed
as from further comment I'll desist
and speak instead of Largo's glare
- as red and furious as his hair.
He brings it on the cute to bear
He shares the ire of Teddy Were
(the bear of very little brain)
and tires all with his fond refrain
of "z0mb13 qu33n" and yet his swain
she might yet be if he can but chain
his evil eyes from staring so
- the ladies like it not, you know -
and just admit he likes Miho
then for a threesome they could go!

So to Tsubasa we should turn
who madly for his love did yearn,
yet all the money he did earn
(with sweaty hands and guts a-churn)
was spent to buy the lovely Ping
a chatty and enchanting thing
designed for play and hard loving
with her a Queen and he a King

And dare we speak of Ping indeed? . .

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