>But now, as Boo away must go,
I dream of Erika's fine elbow...

As such, she thrusts it too and fro,
a punch, a kick, a daring throw,
it hits the spleen and breaks the nose

She uses it on her poor beau,
The not so genteel man, Largo.
He takes a hit, catches a blow,
And then or b33r they turn to go.

So have I spoke of Kimi's blush?
She hides it with her make-up brush.
It tints the skin all smooth and lush
and makes one think that she's been rushed

While working in the restaurant
Where all the women, stacked, will flaunt
Their assets, full and firm to taunt,
But Kimi's more like spectres haunt'.

So fast I turn to Yuki's pout...

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