>So fast I turn to Yuki's pout...

And pout she must without a doubt
(while we yet wonder what she's about
when with her super power she blinks out)
for she has seen her pet deceased
whilst still extant (and yet unleashed)
- a pout that could be greatly eased
if she could find a cure indeed.

But zombies may not be so easily cured
and will not grow even when manured
but to slowly rot they are inured
so she pouts whilst tears her eyes have blurred.
Her cheeks are soaked from trembling lids
(except where on her face she skids)
and now her nature she has hid
with combat gear and Bono shades
and now her figure is concealed
which properly should be revealed
in outfits bought by the well-heeled
if only these she had not stealed

She should in meido outfits pose
complete with wand like a sparkly rose
which, with a twitch of button nose,
makes an old man young and a beanstalk grows.
But in this cold and tragic hour
she finds that this is not her power
and so instead she must devour
the bitter fate of this snowy shower.

But what might all these snowflakes mean? . . .

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