>But what might all these snowflakes mean? . . .
Many implications, it would seem
Crystalized water, the stuff of dreams?
The power of sadness from our favorite MGs?
Or the ash of zombie fiends?
(of that last thought I'm not too keen)
But one thing's plain to see
Sad Miho in snow is leaving the team
To what end will this lead?
Please, Fred, don't take her from the screen!
"No, Miho! NOOOO!!!" we would scream
(or at least most of SD)
Her darkly cuteness we need
Her eyes, of late, do surely gleam
On her sly remarks we feed
And her recent good deeds
Please don't give her a fate like Key
For knowledge of her past is still too lean
There are still too many mysteries
And too many conflicting theories
Is it the astral projection of a girl fallen from a tree?
Or a once pure now disgraced MG?
Or the queen of the zombies?
Or an AI that yearned to be free?
This verse is too long, so I'll just let it be

Now we shall smirk at Kimiko's cute giggle...

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