Here's something I threw together. It rhymes... mostly.

Falling Darkly
A Miho Eulogy

Alas it was that Miho fell
To Edmund's dastardly scheme
She thought she could outsmart him
But it twas not to be

There were many doubts of her demise
She was in the popular crowd
But now she lies, at least in my eyes
Six feet beneath the ground

The characters, they would not believe
When they were first informed
Of Miho's most tragic demise
That the dark one was no more

Said Piro-san, who knew her long
"She can't be gone I say
She may have tortured me constantly
In practically every way"

"But I know that she cannot be gone"
He stated strong as steel
"She may have screwed me over
But I never wished her ill"

Said Kimiko, that darling lass
"I knew her scare at all
I only met her sparingly
Before her final fall"

"She taught me of what lies beneath
This mystery world of ours
Through her use of sarcasm
And the destruction of Dom's car"

Said Erika "Good riddence her
She always did mean ill
She tried to manipulate my fans
But now, at last, she's still"

"I only knew her vaguely
She was always playing games
Her goth look did get on my nerves
In Oh so many ways"

And Largo-sensei, said he crass
"The tide has turned at last
The Zombie Queen lies quietly
That demon of my past"

"She defeated me at Endgames
And at Moe Moe ball as well
Never did I think that she
Would end up warm in hell"

"But my respect is readily given"
He stated most profound
"The fallen must be honored
No less will I allow"

And so it was the characters went
To their respective homes
They went about to honor Miho
In the ways of which they know

The day was done, the snow did fall
As softly as it can
The darkly cute one was no more
At least till Chapter ten.

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