Hello. Some of you may remember a certain progect from long ago where I decided to write poems about all the main characters. My two previous modest successes can be found in my sig. Anyways, I've been gone for awhile, but upon catching up on the comic, I found that the urge was back. This is my second attempt at Yuki, my first being filled with The Suck. But, I ramble... here is the second try!!! (Drum roll)

All I seek is a shading technique,
For my world of black and white.
I grow and choose, love and loose
My certainty of sight.

Decisions to make, which path to take?
Down which path lies the right shade
To fill in the lines of this picture of mine
With all the right choices made?

An innocent flower, blooming in power.
Now I fight to clear another love's way
Magic and love, fate girls dream of,
But now I'm a woman of grey.

Sugar and spice, and all that's nice
Was the picture I seemed to be.
Now paper can't hold with edge or fold
All the beautiful grey of me.

And, that's it. I like it better than my first try at her, but then, I've been more impressed with her character lately. She's growing up, sniff.

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