After watching this video on the 11 catchiest theme songs, I thought I'd try my hand at filking one of them. It was tough to pick one, since many theme songs are too short to really do anything with - would it even count as a filk if I used Inspector Gadget? Eventually, I settled on the Animaniacs theme, though I may do more if I feel like it, or if anyone has a request.

Megatokyo Theme Song
Apologies to Richard Stone

Let's read some Megatokyo
Learn to love the girls in snow
Yeah, it's movin' kinda slow
But Fred'rick is a pro -
It's Megatokyo!

Come join the stranded gamers
And the gamer's hamster Boo!
Just for lolz we trollz around the comic's forum too
Go buy it in a bookstore, and share it when you're through
She buys the book and takes a look
And now she's reading too!

It's Megatokyo!
Ping's kawaii and Piro's slow
Largo likes to wear a 'fro
While Dom's breakfast starts to blow
It's Megatokyo!

Meet Remy and Sir Fred but don't forget to bring your bleach*
Ed keeps his face together
'Til he comes in Miho's reach
Fanboy chases Kimi
While Yuki wants a teach'
The artists' wed, the baby's fed
The schedule's out of reach!

It's Megatokyo!
And we like it how it goes -
No animated show
Just a comic don't you know
We're Piro-whiney, for Erika pine-y
(She just cracked my spine-y)

Give it more snow!


*Remy: famous forumite Mike the Vagrant who used to torment SD with disturbing fanart

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