The magistrate was finally given a chance to relax after a long series of crimes were settled. He moved down the streets of Tokyo to his favorite tea parlor, once he entered the ornate building an overwhelming scent of Cherries filled the air. The hostess, an old friend, was excited to see him and beckoned him to her. "My friend, we have obtained a rare beauty from the country who is quite special. She is blind and yet manages to dance without disturbing the petals upon the floor, her appearance is extremely charming as well." Magistrate Sonada smiled at these comments and agreed to view this beauty, his friend lead him to a stone garden surrounded by cherry trees where he sat and awaited the show. His tea arrived just before the maiden from the country appeared, his friend had not lied about her beauty. A brightly colored Kimono was placed upon her depicting a swallow among the cherry blossoms, and moving forward she introduced herself to the magistrate.

"I am known as Meimi and I will perform the blossom dance for you as requested by my kind mistress." Sonada watched the beauty stand up and move to the center of the stone garden, the petals blooming over them both as the musicians prepared to play the song. A haunting melody hummed out of the instruments as she took the first step, a slight movement followed by a small leap. A silk scarf was wound around both her hands as she moved them into the air above her. A song began to emit from her throat in a hypnotic tone, the softest voice he had ever heard seemed to wrap around his heart. The music continued to play as she moved her arms over her the scarf between them still and lowering her body in a spin, she took the appearance of water the cooing verse as if the babbling of a brook. Taking a step to the side, she rose again, a slight wind began which allowed the petals to become free from the trees that had bound them. Floating past her on the wind the petals moved around her, she kept her eyes closed but even so Sonada noticed a small smile, enchanting his very heart to sing with her. She moved gracefully between the falling petals, true to her mistress's words the petals upon the ground were not disturbed by any of her movements. Her arms moved in a curved path beside her body as she wrapped the scarf around herself and moved to her knees. The song began to end but despite this Sonada could not bear to take his eyes off this wondrous girl Meimi. He rose and stepped forward but as soon as he had, a wave of petals eclipsed his vision. He awoke to find himself in the center of a meadow the blossoms on the trees falling to the ground, and a light laugh could be heard floating along with the petals.

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