Forumites who stumble on this thread,
Move on this verse is not for you.
I post it for one specific girl
In the only place she may see it.
I mean the one named Sonoda Yuki.

Yuki, my magical girl,
Thieving beauty, snowy sad girl,
Do not think I've gotten colder -
It's only that I have grown older.
You can neither be twenty on Sugar Mountain
Nor one-and-twenty and love a young girl.

I remember well just how,
In the summer of '04,
I encountered a rare and radiant maiden
Whom the angels name "Yuki,"
This one from beyond distant Aidenn
Whom the angels name "Yuki."
I turned the page, and stopped,
And admired a girl my own age.

Alas, a girl, though sometimes in color,
Existing still in pencil lead,
Even in a slow-moving comic
Never grows older,
And even as the plot progresses
Will always keep her girlish sweetness.

Not a single birthday since that summer of '04,
While I, living outside your frames, I have had five.
Six years the senior now, me,
Who once was the junior.
Has ever the younger sibling surpassed the elder?
The youthful bride aged beyond her husband?
Then why am I to face the time, the time,
Alone and aging?

Or, if not alone, to jump ships like a panicked sailor
Caught in a whirl of years, as I age beyond my love?
I may pledge my love 'til death do us part,
But of what use that, when only I must face it?
Do you cry, Yuki,
Knowing your only living admirers age beyond you?
Or is your new interest enough,
Though he be only the same pencil lead?

Now that I am older, I must leave
For another fandom,
But I shall entrust you to the care
Of younger fans, now your own age.

Know, though, that I shall never forget you,
And will watch you always,
Even should you call me "ojiisan."

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