Kimiko, sung to the tune of "Yesterday" by the Beatles

Why's that pretty face so full of woe?
Girl, you've got to learn to let it go -
you know you're special, Kimiko

Face to face -
Your sweet presence; so full of grace.
Just learn to find a happy place:
you're not pathetic; no basket case.

So you messed up lines?
Do not sweat it, let it be.
Raise your chin, sigh a sigh,
maybe crack a smile or three?

we know your heart is there for lame Piro.
You hide it, keep it held down low -
Perhaps it's time to let it show?

So you want to live your own life,
or so you say...
Don't shut out the sun or you'll
start to fade away...

You're the loveliest by far, you know.
Love is waiting there for you, you know.
Spring has sprung now, Kimiko.

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