Origin: Our Father
Types: Filk, Miho, Parody, Humor
Our Miho, which art in ribbons,
hallowed be thy name;
thy zombies come;
thy manipulations be done,
in Shinjuku as it is in Shibuya.
Give us this night our nightly pie.
And forgive us our 1337ness,
as we forgive them that speak 1337 to us.
And lead us into temptation (often);
And deliver us to the Cave of Evil.
For thine is the Necrowombicon,
the power rave, and the gothic clothing,
For ever and ever.
Origin: Pater Noster
Types: Filk, Miho, Parody, Humor
Translation of Sareth's "Our Miho"

Miho Noster
qui es cum funiculos,
sanctificetur nomen tuum.
Adveniat inferes tuum,
fiat insidiae tua,
sicut in Shinjukum et in Shibuyam.
Panem dulcis nostrum quonoctium nobis hodie,
et dimitte nobis v4ld3,
nostra sicut et nos dimittimus v4ld3 narrontur nostris.
Et nos inducas quotien in tentationem,
Et perducos in Specus Malorum.
Quia tuum est Necrowombiconem,
et Ravius Potens, et Vestis Goticae.

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