Types: Filk
This filk is to the tune of "Yesterday", by the Beatles.

Japan was an island far away
But now it looks as though I'm here to stay,
What did I drink, yesterday

Everyone speaks this language, but me
now I'm stuck here and I can't believe
why Piro'd send, me overseas

Why, we
Had to go I don't know,
Piro wouldn't say
I drank
far too long
now we've gone,
o'er to Japan

I had need for a PH33R bot parade
But Godzilla's stomping down that glade
And evil vampiric, zombie maids

Why, we
had to go I don't know
Piro wouldn't say
I drank
Far too long
now we've gone
o'er to Japan

Japan was an Island far away
Now it looks as though i'm here to stay
what did I drink, yesterday


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