Well, I'm ambivalent, to say the least. On the one hand the filk is hilarious; on the other, I really didn't need to see the post that inspired the filk. Especially as it led to this, sic:

Strange Bear

Forum threads get a Strange Bear,
Kinks in his head, kinks in his hair,
Cracked notions spouted to the nth degree,
Strange Bear hangin' 'round the MDT.

Roleplaying scene from a comic strip,
Cute button eyes and a leering lip,
Thoughts of a schoolgirl's fantasies
In a dresser drawer,'neath her pink panties.

There writes a bear with a gleeful grin,
And Zahooee reading with chagrin,
Calls for a squad of the forum fair
To kick the stuffing from a teddy-bear.

Apologies to Lewis Allen, Billie Holiday and an entire generation

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