Well, that song and its follow up brought this to mind. Not sure it rates a thread of its own so . .

Teddy and Brigid - after the A.A. Milne poem "Pooh and Me"
Wherever Ted goes, there's always Brigid
There's always Brigid and he,
Whatever he goes she wants to be,
"What are you doing today?" says she
"Well, that's very odd 'cos so was me!
"Let me watch." says Brigid, says she
"Just let me watch you!" says she.

"You're creepin' me out!" said Ted to Brigid
"But why?" said she to he.
"'Cos you're here in my loo while I'm tryin' to . .
You know . . squeeze out a number two.
That's never a trivial thing to do
When you eat as much meat as me!" said he
"And it's kind of personal, too!"

"Let's do the dance!" Ted said to Brigid
"Yes! Let's" said Brigid to Ted
So he took off all his clothes and danced
While Brigid gazed on, all but entranced,
Until he jumped on to the bed.
Then into a mighty rage she flew!
Poor Brigid - what could she do?

"You not gonna dance?" Ted asked of her
"That's right," said Brigid to he
"You're missing out," said Ted to her
"on all my lovely curly fur!"
"Silly old Brigid! You'll feel so free!"
"I wasn't afraid," said Brigid, said she
"it's just not something I do."

So wherever Ted goes, there's always Brigid
There's always Brigid and he.
"What would you do?" Ted said to her
"If you didn't have me to punish." "That's true,
The forums are scary enough but you
Are especially bad!" says Brigid, says she.
"But you aren't the worst," says she.

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