Forth once more our heroes headed, to find companions for their quest.
Came they then to Gateway Country - Piro now his buddy IM'ed -
Largo, who was l33t yet seeking, all computer settings tweaked he.
Great the havoc that they wrought there!

Tsubasa their party joined now, led them t'ward a place of safety,
stalked upon their way by dragons, shaped as buses, Largo fought them!
Hewed and hacked them - harm he dealt them, injured, though he still fought fiercely.
Bandaged now he journeyed onward.

As they travelled great temptation led them to an exhibition,
wonders they had only dream't of, fallen heroes lay before them.
Largo spied a beauteous maiden, scarce could credit what he saw then:
testing her, she broke his good arm.

Bowing then to call of bodies, food they sought and ale a plenty!
Piro then his heart surrendered to the maiden who laboured there.
His regard was swift rewarded with coffee served into his face.
His sense he lost in every way!

Kimiko this maiden's name was, she buxom to the eye appeared
and yet deceit was all around for women's wiles she used to lure
poor and hungry helpless warriors! Sought they out her famous beauty
though she scorned them all as losers.

Pity then our helpless hero, lost amidst the tangled pathways:
love and life for him entwinèd - shelter now he sought, and swiftly!
To his home Tsubasa led them, a haven from the world beyond,
and sight that gladdened Piro's heart!

Food they ate now they had gathered on their journey, gladly feasting.
sleep they sought then: peaceful resting lay amidst the homely comforts
of magazines and droning fans. Sore their bodies craved for healing,
visions of their homes then dreaming.

Dark the night that them surrounded, journey's purpose yet confounded,
here in simple comfort grounded, faith upon each other founded
in their friendship, not yet sounded, all their future yet unbounded.
Love the shadow that lay on them.

--- Journey the second ends.

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