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Forth our heroes went no longer: six weeks passed and nothing stirred them!
Finally Tsubasa bade them: "Now it's time for you to leave here!"
Largo woke a sleeping demon, more than one, in search of money:
Dom and Ed by name he summoned!

Dark their hearts and great their power: spying now his mortal heartbeat,
money to him boldly offered Largo took it, sold himself then
all in vain - the price was squandered. Piro now for wisdom searching
found himself a place to learn in.

Studied he the words of prophets till a group of girls him spotting
Took upon themselves to challenge and then strike where he was weakest!
Sensible young maidens spying lonely men would best avoid them -
Yuki was not such a maiden!

Piro soon retreated swiftly, left behind his precious drawings!
Yuki found them, deftly captured evidence to track and find him,
found more evidence than needed - then a master found to teach her!
Piro as her hero is drawn. . .

Piro struggled with his conscience, realised his hope was waning,
promised to resolve the problems. Largo, meanwhile, found the ninja,
swore to teach him ways of l33tn3ss, apt his pupil for the knowledge!
Junpei, ninja, soon became l33t!

There upon a station standing, Kimiko the maiden frozen,
Late for her audition, helpless, ticketless and moneyless, too!
Piro, her unlooked-for hero, offered her a brand-new railcard.
Caught in weakness, she accepted.

Piro to her eyes then vanished, leaving her to her audition.
Shyly told she of his actions, sympathy her words then earned her.
Fame and fortune beckoned for her! Piro left to find his own way,
Homeward now begun to wander.

See her heart was torn asunder, generosity bred wonder,
That her due? Her beauty's plunder? Piro then her spell was under,
Heroes heard the distant thunder of the fate to which they'd blunder.
Shadows of the world lay on them.

--- Journey the third ends.

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