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Since our bagheaded friend first appeared, I've been expecting someone to write this, but as far as I can tell no one has yet, so I'll claim it. I finished this a little late, but it's based entirely on 377 and doesn't take 378 into account at all. ^^;;

The line about the gun is _Quinn's.


Paperbag Wearer
(Off of Paperback Writer)

Paperbag wearer...

Dear Sony: Sorry I've been out of touch
But with my broken fingers I can't type too much
I roam MegaTokyo with a gun named ph33r
But I lost a fight
So I gotta be a paperbag wearer
Paperbag wearer

It's an ugly story how I got this way
But suffice to say that machine will pay
My partner's working on another lead
And I slipped away
So I'm free to be a paperbag wearer
Paperbag wearer

Paperbag wearer...

It's from Food Mart, painted with a smiley face
And she'll never spot me long as it's in place
I can walk right by her and not catch her eye
I can shoot her down
Boy, I'm glad to be a paperbag wearer
Paperbag wearer

Though I'm glad to say that she won't come alive
I'll have the pieces ready for you next I write
Now I'm in position with the KillStick here
And the time draws near
When she'll learn to fear the paperbag wearer
Paperbag wearer

Paperbag wearer...

(And so on.)

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