Gads... I hate you people. Here I thought I might not have to do this, but then you go and start a Lewis Carrol thread! Well, dammit, I guess I've no choice then...

(this is rather rough, it should be longer)

Bioware Masterpiece Theatre presents:
featuring the Megatokyo players
(with apologies to Lewis Carrol)

"Just the place for Zombies" the l33t One cried,
As Piro played Princess Maker 2;
"Leave me out of your fantasies" he replied.
"Just the place for Zombies, I'm telling you."

"Just the place for Zombies, I said it before,
What I tell you three times is true."
"What's going on?" asked Erika who walked in the door.
"Largo's crazy" said Piro, "But that's nothing new."

"I'm going hunting" shouted Largo, and then he was gone.
"I'd better follow him" Piro resigned.
"This should be interesting" Erika says, "Nanasawa, come on."
And they followed close behind.

Largo was prepared with a case of b33r;
He was armed with crossbow and gun;
He had his Cool Thing, for all to ph33r;
And an ammo belt that weighed a ton.

"Look, there's Largo shouting!" then Piro said,
"Should we follow him? I'm afraid to look
It seems that, as usual, he's lost his head,
And why is he holding that book?"

They gazed unbelieving, while Erika exclaimed
"Look, he's gone into that club!"
Then to their ears came Largo's voice, quite pained
"They're all Zo-" and then he was snubbed.

They stood silent on that Tokyo street
And to Kimiko's eye came a tear.
Largo, the L33t-one, had finally been beat --
The ravers were too stoned to feel ph33r.

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