The Girls'll Get Wasted

Tonight was the night
When you thought things might change,
You would treat your fans right,
Get respect in exchange,
If you stood in plain sight,
Understanding their plight,
Then perhaps they would not act so strange.

But in typical fashion
Their behavior was lame,
And the scene you imagined,
You hoped for in vain;
In a last, desperate action,
You showed them your passion;
They showed you that they had no shame.

The girl will get wasted tonight at some bar,
Perhaps she'll be joined by her friend,
She'll drink 'til the memory has gone away far,
And her conciousness comes to its end.

When self-loathing rose
Like a storm-swollen tide,
And your calm, quiet pose
Bled away with your pride,
Then the words that you chose
Flew like merciless crows
At the eyes of the friend by your side.

So what's left to say
When the bottom drops out,
And there's no room to play,
And there's nothing to shout?
There's just hell left to pay
At the end of the day,
All alone with the pain and the doubt.

The girls'll get wasted on beer and rice wine,
'Til their eyes cross in back of their heads,
When it's no longer tasted, their drink-sodden minds
Will be ready to sink into bed.

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