Fanworks 2012
(Off of Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway), apologies to Billy Joel.)

I've seen the life go out of SD
I saw the filkers all laid low
And all the artists stuck in just one thread.
The tributes slowly died
as Freddy's output slowed.

We used to live in SD proper
with ideas coming out our ears.
But then some folks complained
and made the system change
but we can't stay that strong in here

I've seen the comments stop in SD
I saw the traffic charts stand still
If this were my site, I'd be used to it
I don't get visitors.
I prob'ly never will.

They kept on going out in Central
They never paid us any mind.
But even in SD
They used to come and see.
Feels like they left fanworks behind.

I've seen the life go out of SD.
I watched the post counts finally fall.
If we were rampant like the kudzu vines,
our soil's been washed out.
We've never been so small.

I hear that Shoka's now a lawyer
and smurd writes ads for P&G.
And Con and Rapierman
will do the best they can
But it's an audience we need.

You know the golden age of SD?
That wasn't all that long ago.
Before the author had a family.
Before the comic press bought Megatokyo.
There are a few still making fanworks
with pictures, fictions and end rhymes,
But no-one's watching us
and no-one's stopping us
I guess that means we're still alive...

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