Miho in the Sky with Minions

Picture yourself in a full suit of armor
With a sword in your hand and turbulent skies
something's behind you, your answer quite deadly
A zombie with monochrome eyes

hordes of undead fall to your blade,
then Towering over your head
one Look at the girl with the eyeshadowed eyes
And your gone

Miho in the sky with minions

Follow her down to a Japanese high-school
you don't got a shirt but it makes sense in their eyes
Everyone smiles as you go for a face off
she unleashes a cat and you die

souped up police mechs appear on the next to you
Waiting to take you away
defeat a turtle with your hands in the cuffs
And you're gone

Miho in the sky with minions

Picture yourself in your home and its night time
With all of your l337-g34r arrayed fore your eyes
Suddenly someone is there in the doorway
The girl with eyeshadowed eyes

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