Just to add to the general pressure on smurd to do an Abbey Road cover (may I mention for those who haven't seen it that the She Came In Through The Bathroom Window filk is (also?) pretty good).

An unusually optimistic, possibly even cheesy number, for one of mine, but once I get past how inevitably pedestrian my lyrics feel pasted over the original, I actually rather like it.


You Never Let Me Say Thank You
After You Never Give Me Your Money, by, of course, the Beatles

You never let me say thank you - You only gave me your grand donation - And waited 'til you had escaped the station to break down

I never gave you your order - Just burning oil from my fortifications - And in the middle of the explanations, I broke down

Just what are you doin' here? Haven't been this stressed all year
Don't know what to do when I'm with you

Now I might just get the sack - Panicked, my composure cracks -
Coffee soaking through when I'm with you

But oh, that magic feeling, when I'm with you
Oh, that magic feeling, when I'm with you
When I'm with you


Could it be - as, later on, you're walking home with me
(Soon we'll be away from here, though I'm afraid that this won't improve my day) -
Could it be that you're okay

(Ichi ni san yon go roku,
Maybe now I'll get to know you...)

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