This is how I spent my 500th post...

Run From the Turtle
(to the tune of Run Through the Jungle)

Thought it was the Martians,
But it wasn't true,
I called for backup from HQ:
"Gameru's on the loose!"

Better run from the Turtle,
Better run from the Turtle,
Better run from the Turtle,
Whoa, don't look back!

There goes that stupid Turtle,
Drinking magic booze,
Sucking down 84 tons of sake,
Rated 40 proof*.


Down in Shinagawa,
Ragin' through the streets,
In Sector two-two-eighty-nine,
Gameru's on a streak.


They let him out of rehab,
Those bakayaori fools,
They ought to know he's good for naught
But making Turtle Soup!


No units in the area,
Just my single mech,
Me and this crazy gaijin here,
This could end in a wreck.


(apologies to John Fogerty)

EDIT: made a few changes that I thought would scan better.

*I took some short cuts on the calculations. The height of the bottle looks to be about 3.5 times the base, so a 50 foot tall bottle would be about 14.3 feet in diameter at the base. Since the shape is roughly a cone, the volume would be about 2,700 cu ft, or 76,455 liters. If we assume that sake has roughly the same density as water (1kg/liter), then the weight of that volume of liquid would be about 84 tons. Sake ranges from about 14% to 17% alcohol, so I rounded it off at the top end.

I'll bet you're impressed, one way or another...
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Run Through the Jungle

Whoa, thought it was a nightmare,
Lo, it's all so true,
They told me, "Don't go walkin' slow
'Cause Devil's on the loose."

Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Woa, Don't look back to see.

Thought I heard a rumblin'
Callin' to my name,
Two hundred million guns are loaded
Satan cries, "Take aim!"


Over on the mountain
Thunder magic spoke,
"Let the people know my wisdom,
Fill the land with smoke."


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