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I wasn't quite faithful to the rhyme scheme, alas, and there are other little things bothering me; but its potential relevance is fast fading with the approach of a new comic, and I decided that at the moment I like it well enough to post it. Hopefully it lives up to that assessment. ^_^;;

"It's A Good Flight If You're Not Broken"

When the colours of the night
Gather up in her eyes
Her deft-if-shaky movements
As her fingers work the strings
And her million puppets all pose her
Inevitably bring
Us all to turn
As the ribbons trail away
To watch her afterburn
To watch as it gives way
And like one who's in a dream
And who knows it's going to end
Our abruptly grounded queen
Turns to gaze upon her fans
With a glance so full of meanin'
That I almost understand

And for a good flight, she just might
Have to break, and
Fold her wings and fall

(A fall with fitting beauty)
Fold her wings and stall
(A end with fitting beauty)



'Cause just like any other dream
She knows this is going to end
And our abruptly grounded queen
Has learned not to fear descent

(Smurd-style source-quote; this is transcribed by ear (actually, memory of ear), so forgive any inaccuracies.)

"It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken"
The Tragically Hip

When the colours of the night
All the smoke in one life
Give way to shaky movement
And improvisational skill
In a forest of disparate speakers
Let's swear that we will
Get with the times
In a current health to stay
Let's get friendship right
And get life day to day
In a forget-yer-skates dream
Full of counterwailing woes
In diverse-as-ever scenes
Proceeding on a need-to-know
A face so full of meanin'
As to almost make it glow

And for a good life, we just might
Have to weaken
And find somewhere to go
(Go somewhere we're needed)
Find somewhere to grow
(Go where we are needed)


'Cause in the forget-yer-skates dream
You can hang your head in woe
But these diverse-as-ever scenes
Know which way to go

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