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[!verse] I went to an art exhibit in San Jose yesterday, and there was a painting there by the name of "Shall Earth no more inspire thee." Next to it was cited the poem of the same name by Emily Brontė, And as I read it I knew I had to "filk" it. This version is inspired by the Broken Miho DPD. [/!verse]

Doth Earth no more become thee
(with apologies to Emily Brontė)

Doth Earth no more become thee,
Thou soul of evil might?
Since the ground hath overcome thee,
To the heavens thou take flight?

Thy body's ever rising,
As thy spirit's deeper found.
From regions devil lies in,
To our plane, then to the clouds.

I know our taunts and teases,
Do scare and haunt thee still.
And true are all thy reasons,
to excuse thy upward will.

When plugs and feathers blending
propel thee to the sky,
I've seen the grass weeds bending
and fail thy feet to tie.

I'll watch thee every hour,
I'll skyward set my ears.
And in the winter showers
I will collect thy tears.

Few hearts to mortals given
On earth as pure as thine.
So covet do the heavens
A heart as sinister as fine.

Then leave the sky behind thee,
Let Earth thy abode be.
Since not in air belong thee,
Return and dwell with me.

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